Game Meats

Our Specialty

We also make regular and spicy sausage. 

Hot jerky, pepper and regular, good for all game meats.

Game Season till the end of December.

Please ask for details on pricing

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Welcome to Cut Rite Meats. The home of fine quality meats

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Side of BeefSide of Pork
Side of Buffalo

Fresh Meat Every Day

Reg ground Beef 10 lbs or more
$2.99 lb
Prime rib
$8.99 lb
5 lbs beef patties
New York Steak
Smoked Ham
$3.99 lb
Ground Pork
$4.99 lb
Ground Chicken
$5.99 lb

**** BUFFALO MEAT ****

Buffalo stk Rib eye , New york, Tender loin

Ground Buffalo
$9.99 lb